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At TC Roofing & Siding we specialize in the application of all types of vinyl siding and accessories. Vinyl siding offers a wise selection of colors, a complete maintenance free project, and a great look at an affordable price. We also install a variety of wood, steel, aluminum,  and composite siding materials, and provide installation of new windows and doors.

Making the exterior of your house look beautiful with new siding and trim is our main goal but a complete job starts with what lies underneath. We understand that proper wall preparation is key to a long lasting, trouble free job. This is why we will use the latest in synthetic house wrap materials and quality foam insulation prior to installation of new siding materials. This, along with our custom made flashings, will not only seal out moisture and drafts, but will save you money and keep your home comfortable year round.

We can also transform your paint flaking Trim, fascia, Soffit and rusty gutters to look new again, and be maintenance free.  With several manufacturers to choose from we can provide you with the color, texture, and value you desire.